View Full Version : problem with dws inputing dvd.?

Randall Chesbro
02-11-2006, 08:59 PM
Ok this is driving me nuts, I just spent the entire day trying to input dvd from dvd ram. I never had the problem before till to day. What i do is record onto dvdram and use that to pull into DWS. I use ram because i shows up as on clip instead of a bunch of small ones. this time when i input it it shows up as one clip but after loading in, it will have maybe 5 diffrent size clips. And if i hit properties on each of them one will say 704x480 then 352x480 then 704x480 and so on. I tryed to re record the project3 times at diffrent lengths at 2 hr mode on a panasonic recorder.
this always worked before. the only thing i loaded on my machine latly is photoshopcs2
Has anyone seen this before? Thanks