View Full Version : Creators of Star Wars "Revelations" call to arms

02-11-2006, 09:25 AM
Panic Struck Productions, the producers of the internet acclaimed fan film "Revelations" and has a featured interview article here in NewTek

We are currently in production of a small star wars comedy short and is looking to add new blood and talent to the mix of the current Panic FX team. If you have not seen the work we did with the first film check it out here:

The film has been downloaded over 4 million times since it's release in April 05 and has been featured on global press such as: CNN, CBS, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, LA Times, BBC, CBC and Washington Post to name a few. Adobe also did a spotlight on the project.

Watch the short clip here:


We also released a short music video in November 05' You can see that finished product here at IFILM:


So if you missed you chance to play with us and want to be part of a team that sees things through to the end and gets your talent and work seen by a very large audience we would love to see your work and have you join us. We need solid 3D modelers, animators, texture artists, composite artsists and skills within live action comps and key with 3D elements. Camera and object tracking. If you are interested please email a portfolio of website with the best sample of your work and skill set to: [email protected]

Please only apply if you have the time and dedication to a short tight deadline and can work with a team. It's a fun short project we are working on and one that could be seen by a great deal of people. Let's see what you can really do