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02-10-2006, 07:19 AM
this is just a quick project for my business class, basically the classroom itself, not the greatest, but with a limited amount of time allowed at school to render, I have to take it home, and I need my computer for homework too, so not the highest amount of detail, but I was just wondering what do you think? The computer models, and the chair I procured from free resources online, the desk is my own work, as is the room and the carpet texture. Thereís a lot of missing detail, however Iíve become sick of looking at the room, and I donít have a computer fast enough to actually keep up when I move the viewports. So this is about as done as its going to get.


so whadda you guys think could use improvement in my technique, and i know the use of free resources makes this work not totally my own, but i was on a limited time frame.

02-10-2006, 08:56 AM
This may help.
From old Amiga days.
'Only build what you will see'

so for this scene I would start with desks and remove all polys you can only see if you looked from the floor up,and the ones against the walls,and any that the camera will not show, so maby the ones in the far corner would only have the tops and the 2 sides facing camera.
then the bottoms of all keyboards, monitors,the chair legs,bottom of seats,
area between desks that are back to back, area between tires and tire covers on chairs.

this should get you 1/3 less polys and make the scene workable.
And render faster

change the carpet texture...too strange looking, lower lighting...too bright.