View Full Version : Is there a tool or plugin to join / append scenes?

02-10-2006, 07:11 AM
I'm working on an animated character for a computer game; the scene becomes pretty big (about 5000 frames), I wonder if there is a tool or plugin to join scenes. Waht I want to do is this:

Working on a scene with a maximum of about 1000 frames.
Bake with "Bake IK to Key" since it gives the best results

Join the baked scenes to one big scene, (with only 1 animated character in it so "no load objects from scene"). Motion Mixer could do it, but bakes anything when baking, so I'm looking for a faster / better solution...

02-10-2006, 07:57 AM
First see if you could clear up your quetions a bit. Do you already have a solution like baking it, and is asking us weather it would work? Or you dont have a solution and is asking for ideas?

If its the second thing then I would suggest a third part Adobe Premiere. Its specifically build for exactly doing what you want. Putting scenes together with such a straightforward, intuitive way.


(My very first try to answer to a question in this forum :) )

02-10-2006, 08:45 AM
So you want say 5 scenes to load in layout after working on each individually?And run behind each other as 1 big 5000 frame scene?

Ok here's how but not worth the time as you would have a shorter time in a composit proggy.

Do all your scenes, save the Motion files for everything you do for every object, light, camera.
Load your scene 1 with 1000 frames, set it to 5000 frames....
now load scene 2 motion files and append them to the end of scene 1 in the graph editor...all of them for each channel and each object, do scene 3, 4 , 5,. There ya go.

I don't know of any plug that does this so all would have to be done manually.
It would be an undertaking to write one that checks every object, light, camera channel for a scene and append it to an already loaded scene, tho it would be nice.