View Full Version : StealthNet v1.1 and L+

02-10-2006, 12:55 AM
well, i just put up this thread to discuss StealthNet, since it is a discontinued NewTek product, but their product nevertheless. ;)

at any rate, i've pretty much concluded that the most "recent" version of StealthNet v1.1 will not work with LW8's LWSN.exe. it works with LW7's LWSN.exe but i'm having problems with the necessary DLLs and i crash it often. at any rate, at least LW7's LWSN.exe *attempts* to render the scene, while LW8's LWSN.exe just stops and gives me a communication error.

however, as i said in another thread, StealthNet L+ works fine currently with the LW8 LWSN.exe and i've used it to quickly render out more than 10 scenes with the current SNII setup i have.

the main advantages of using SNL+ is the ability to stop the render and add more nodes and continue to render afterwards. you also have the ability to change the scene's render start and end frames, and some other stuff. the main problem with this aspect is that some scene-related settings are from the LW7-era. they dont have settings like PLD AA, lacking file-naming template types, etc. i have not tested the frame-tiling queue on SNL+, though i doubt it will work since it needs SmartScene to handle that... we'll see.

another advantage is that it seems to handle frames better... with SNII there were so many cases of skipped frames when the frames took such a short time to render. the standard SNII controller was not up to the task. SNL+ did a better job of distributing the frames.

do you think it would just be great to continue StealthNet development?