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02-08-2006, 07:11 AM
I am trying to figure this thing out but the manuals are in Japanese. I can read some japanese and am plannin on eventually making translations of the manuals to english but I wass hoping someone had already used it and could tell me if it is good or not.

02-09-2006, 02:23 AM
Ok since noone seems to answer, I'll do it. It is a bit tedious though as you have to have at least some knowledge in the renderman standard and how to compile renderman shaders. You will first have to add the path to the directory where the compiler is to your systempathvariables, you'll find these by rightclicking on MyComputer icon on your desctop, select properties, go to the last tab and at the bottom there are the systemvariables. (don't know about the naming here as I use a german version of XP) . Under path just add the new path at the end of the line, dont forget to put a semicolon befor you do so. now begins the fun part. open a console window, by going under start> run> and type cmd. That should open a black console window. now browse to the directory where the sample shaders are and type "lwslc shadername.sl" and hit enter (replace shadername with the shader you want to compile). the compiler has now created a compiled version of the rendermanshader in the same directory, it has the same name but has the ending .slw
This .slw is what you load onto the shaderman shader in Lightwave.
add the shaderman shader to a surface and load into that your newly created .slw.

things to do after the above

1. hit render.
2. be amazed.
3. learn the renderman shading language and write your own shaders.

but write them in a way the compiler can read it.
The tricky part is that when I have tried a few different renderman compilant renderers (I am just starting to learn renderman), I found out that allthough renderman is more considered a standard than an actual renderer, the different renderers out there do not stricktly conform to that standard in a way that you could take one shader that was written for say Pixie and compile it for Air or Aquis and sertainly not for shaderman for Lightwave. I tried to compile dozens of shaders from different renderman compilant renderers for shaderman and so far haven't succeeded. the only ones I could compile where those that are in the sample shader directory provided with the plugin.
I have not learned enough yet to dig into the code of the various shaders to be able to tell why I couldn't compile other shaders but some day I hopefully will.

Hope this doesn't scare you away from digging into it .
Wow, now my fingers hurt and I know again why It took me so long to take a heart and answer.:D

02-09-2006, 06:43 AM
wow, no wonder it took so long to get an answer. thank you so much. i am going to try to figure some of this stuff out.