View Full Version : How we can (possible) create an expression group in LW9

02-06-2006, 09:10 AM

I don't know how Relativity will be implimented in LW9. But if it's anything like Relativity 2 pre-release that I have installed, I think I've discovered a cool way of making an "expression group" that can be turned on and off en masse.

The ability to make expression groups is helpful to keep Lightwave working fast while animating. Now, I would like the ability to make more than one group. This would be helpful because we could make a group called "knuckles" and any expressions we make for aesthetically corrective rotation on knuckles could be turned on only when I am animating the fingers and when rendering. I turn it off when I am animating the rest of him and all those extra calculation don't have to be done on a constant basis and Lightwave moves along briskly.

BUT... I suppose that is pie-in-the-sky for now. I can at least for now, create two groups. Essential and non-essential. Essential expresions I would need on all the time while animating. Such as expressions for his spine, etc. Things that would make the character as a whole react differently if they were off. These would be created as Lightwave expressions. Either in the graph editor or as the Motion Modifier "Expresion."

Then for all non-essentials, I would create them as Relativity expressions. And these can be turned on and off with the "Make Relativity Interactive" button. This master control switch turns all relativity expressions on and off.

So this way Lightwave can be kept running smoothly while animating but I can add as many expressions as my heart desires. I just turn on Relativity while making OpenGL previews or when rendering. Cool huh?

Let's hope that Relativity still has this master control switch and that the old Lightwave expressions are still usable in Lightwave 9 so this technique can benefit us all.