View Full Version : reflection gradient

02-05-2006, 11:20 AM
I need a help about texturing...I textured a part of a cylinder .. and what I need is to give it some polished finish ...I mean horizontal shininess (need to spread the reflections of light more horizontaly) .. I made lights to highlight that logotype but I need to give the surface more shiny GLAZE look..
How to deal with gradients and which input parameters to use ?

02-05-2006, 05:14 PM
... it looks almost like you have a bump texture on the surface? That would most definately negate a glaze look, i think.

If its a cylinder, the reflections should be pretty much all stretched vertically (or rather, compressed horizontally).

Keep in mind that a reflective surface doesnt mean anything unless it has something to reflect. I think that is really what this needs--stuff to reflect. I would put some sort of environment in the bg.

02-06-2006, 08:01 AM
¨cheers..resolved..I used different blending modes with procedurals in specularity surface settings.dad works