View Full Version : Lynda.com & AsileFX looking for trainers

02-04-2006, 06:17 PM
Both Lynda.com and AsileFX.com are looking for trainers to help produce video training materials, of course. I thought I would just make a brief mention of it for those who may be interested and qualified.
Guys like Larry and Dan... I'm not trying to take away from your customer base, but could this perhaps be a means to help expand your base by making your materials available through either of these 2 channels? Especially with LW 9 coming out soon...I'd love to see a new LW 9 series at Lynda.com (current subscriber). They already have a series for Max (v6) and Maya (6.5). This would be a great way to introduce LW to those in the Design/Video Editing industry (many of which aren't looking to spend $3500-$7000 just to add 3D tools to their arsenal). BTW, Adobe has a link to lynda.com in their training section, so you'd have a decent sized customer base to draw on.