View Full Version : HELP! Trying to Re-Install LW 6.5 with USB Dongle

02-02-2006, 10:23 PM
Two days ago I replaced my old parallel port dongle with the new USB version.

After entering the new license keys I got from NewTek, my copies of both LW 6.5 (with which I'm very familiar, having been using it for the past 5 years) and LW 8.5 (which I received just last month) ran just fine 'n' dandy.

However, today LW 6.5 repeatedly acted so buggy that I uninstalled it completely and tried to reinstall it from scratch --but no go! The LW 6.5 installer would not recognize the new USB dongle, only the old parallel port one! Before I could reinstall LW 6.5 I had to put the parallel port dongle back in place. But now that I have the USB dongle I have to send the parallel port dongle back to NewTek.

So what can I do down the road whenever I need to reinstall LW 6.5, which is bound to happen if (a) my HD crashes, or (b) I replace my PC, or (c) LW 6.5 gives me fits once again?

Does anyone know of a way to get the LW 6.5 installer to recognize the USB dongle? (And, yes, I already consulted Tech Support. They had no solution to offer other than downloading the newest Sentinal SuperPro drivers, which made zero difference.)