View Full Version : hyperwoxels bubbles reflection q

02-02-2006, 08:48 AM
Hi all
Can anyone give me some hints about texturing and surfacing of hyperwoxels ?
I am doing a boiler object with a hot (red) coil at the bottom and I need the bubbles to have the red reflection on the bottom part while the rest I would like to be mostly transparent and specular like water bubbles..

I have one more question ... I would like to make the walls pretty much less transparent than the middle of the bubble...where should I place and how should look like the gradient (I guess I should load that as gradient under transparency in hyperwoxels) on what input parameters should I use ? Something similar to thickness ? Angle incidence ?
Cheers in advance

02-02-2006, 03:53 PM
You would do it the same way as you would for actual objects.
Put a red light near the coils. For the transparency you can use the edge transparency shader or a gradient set to incident angle.