View Full Version : How to save surface presets ?

02-02-2006, 04:57 AM
I don't know if this is a Mac specific bug or feature so i ask here. When i want to save my surfaces i have two options :

Option 1 : Just drag the preview ball to the open library window, err sorry, this only works in modern 3D apps ;) So just command+click on the preview that saves (mostly) the preset with the used name. But when i look into the preset folder (just hidden in a 10 folders deep structure) there are only files named temp010555509 or so. And these temporary files are sometimes overwritten when i add more presets to that library, so i have to name them on the HD again.

Option 2 : Click the save button and type in a name (why does the surface name not appear ?) and find the preset folder and save. When you now open the library window they appear, but without a name. So i have to name them by hand. At least the textures are now safe.

So why is it not possible to safe the texture preset with a name in the library AND a name on the HD ? And how can i change the presets to another place on the HD outside the LW folder ?

02-03-2006, 10:05 AM
Not sure what's going on with the naming stuff....but here is a way to reference the presets in an alternate folder.

Put the below line of text in your LW configs. LWM8.cfg and LW8.cfg

PSPresetsRoot C:/whereveryouwant/presets

That will allow you to point multiple machines to the same presets folder. If it's a shared location of course. Hope this helps. :thumbsup: