View Full Version : Looking for 3D animators

01-29-2006, 03:48 PM
We're looking for 3D animators using Lightwave who wish to work with a ministry creating DVD presentations/movies for missionaries. Pay is weekly with incentives and more pay as time goes on.

The ministry is a conservative fundamental ministry that will be creating short 3 to 5 minute presentations and up to 2 hour DVD movies. This is to help missionaries who need help in educating their small or large gatherings. Also, percentages offered in the commercial side of selling the work as well.

We're looking for dedicated people who wish to servce the Lord. Dr. Hovind, we support, says, "Find a need and fill it." The need we found is to help people know the Bible and have fun entertaining them at the same time without swaying away from what the Bible says.

If you know of someone in our central Florida area or wishes to move here to work with us have them call us.

Also, need script writers who can create humor without swaying from the Bible The King James 1611.

Thanks for any help.

Contact info:

Steve West
[email protected]
cell 863 581 5572

Central Florida
Lakeland, FL 33813