View Full Version : Bug ? Dissolved object visible with F10, but not F9 ?

01-29-2006, 11:18 AM

I gotta problem here which I verified in 7.5c and 8.5.
I have text that is within an ice object.
To make the text apear to freeze, I want to use "Dissolve Object"
on the ice item.So set Dissolve to 100% at frame 0 and 0% at frame 60.
When I hit F9 at frame 0, the ice is invisible (as it should be), but when I render
a sequence via F10, the reflective ice surface (refelcting an image world image)
is already there at frame 0.
I also tried to start with 150% dissolve which results in the fact that in the sequence the dissolved object IS invisible until it hits the 100% at frame 21 and then suddenly plops in, instead of beeing revealed slowly...any idea ?
Could it be LW renders both operations differently and actually renders the reflection when the object is dissolved (like it seems to be with shadowsmaps ?)...?

01-29-2006, 04:03 PM
Hi !

Can you post some scene example so that we all can test without need to spend time to make similar setup :)? I'm willing to test and examine but i don't have too much time to setup on my own.