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01-27-2006, 04:20 PM
NewTek Video Toaster 3 Workstation

I have two VT systems and I only need one. PHOTOS AVAILABLE

Note: A VT Card only system sold on eBay on January 9 for $1624 (item number 7577126390)

System specs:

Custom built Pentium 4 PC with 17 inch Envision CRT Monitor

Dual Processor 1700 MHz
523 KB RAM Memory
Drive C System Drive 12 Gig
Drive E File drive 100 Gig
Drive F DVD drive 20 Gig
Drive D Video Drive (4x68) Seagate SCSI 273 GIG
3 Ĺ Floppy
Pioneer DVD-RW 105 Drive
OS Windows 2000 Professional v. 5.0.2195 SP2
Creative Sound Blaster
Nvidia GeForce 2 MX 200 Video card
Video Toaster Full Manual and VT3 Discs Ė including all upgrade discs that I have in file. Includes Lightwave 7.5 (C)
Installed software includes (discs NOT included): Digital Juice Juicer 2; Nero Burning software; TMPGEnc Plus 2.5; Ulead DVD Workshop 2
TRAINING TOOLS: VHS Desktop Images VT Switcher Techniques; VHS Class On Demand LW Express VT2; Class On Demand DVDís LW Express 2; VT2 Advanced Editing; VT2 CG.

Note: There is NO breakout box (like the SX 8) included in this system. Also, I do not have the video cables that connect to a breakout box. These can be purchased online (eBay) or from a NewTek dealer.

System works perfectly. I am willing to sell just the VT3 Card and manuals/Discs with the right offer plus shipping and packaging (PC tower and monitor are heavy). e-Mail an offer below!

Jerry Powell

Omaha, NE
[email protected]