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05-14-2003, 05:59 AM
This is a finished piece of work - it has already gone to print, but I'd still love to hear comments and criticisms so I can do better next time.
My brief was to produce a map showing Hadrian's Wall to support an editorial feature on a coast-to-coast footpath along the wall, and I had about a day-and-a-half from start to finish.
The final render was 4,000 pixels across as it spans two pages in one of our newspapers.

This is the final render (severely reduced in size for obvious reasons) so I'll attach a couple of other images to following posts...

05-14-2003, 06:00 AM
Here's a close-up....

05-14-2003, 06:02 AM
and here's the finished spread....

So what do you think - good, bad or ugly?



05-14-2003, 06:30 AM
Hi Kyuzo,
I like it, it looks very, um, quaint and cheerful :p. A bit like a table top game or a scale model. It has a nice balance between being graphic, reduced and realistic. :cool:

1 and a half days from start to finish is fast.

:) Well done.


05-14-2003, 07:23 AM
Just what I'd expect to see on a leaflet or brochure in the giftshop.
(That's a compliment by the way ;))

05-14-2003, 07:38 AM
Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback.

Funnily enough, "quaint and cheerful" describes most of the inhabitants of the wet and windy Borders region!


05-14-2003, 09:47 AM
Very clean and professional. I hope they paid you well for it! :D

05-14-2003, 12:21 PM
Originally posted by kyuzo
Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback.

Funnily enough, "quaint and cheerful" describes most of the inhabitants of the wet and windy Borders region!


Hey, you ain't got the monopoly on wet and windy, I work in Manchester :p :p

05-14-2003, 12:25 PM
It really looks neat. Is the path of the wall historically accurate, or did you put the bends in it just for looks? It doesn't matter either way, the map clearly serves its purpose, but I am curious.

05-15-2003, 03:55 AM
Thanks for the compliment Chimera.
Manchester... hmmm... that's almost tropical compared to Carlisle :D

The bends in the wall are pretty accurate. I loaded a map as a background image into modeler, traced a curve along it, and used this in Layout with curveconform applied to the model of the wall.
The ground is just a subdivided plane with textures and a DEM displacement applied to it. The DEM displacement is also applied to the wall and built up areas so they hug the ground, although that isn't too obvious with the wall 'cos it was built on fairly flat ground anyway...


05-15-2003, 08:44 AM
Cute. Quaint. It all applies. I like it and it works. Personally, I think your shadows are too harsh. Since it's for print, I probably would have tried Radiosity, but that's just me.

05-15-2003, 10:11 AM
Yeah the shadows might seem a little harsh, but it was printed in a newspaper, not a glossy magazine. In newspapers, black is rarely BLACK and some contrast is always needed in case it is printed out of registration.
I hadn't considered rediosity for this because of teh timescale and resolution... it'd be interesting to see how long it takes to render with radiosity ... I'll maybe try it when I'm bored :)


05-15-2003, 03:25 PM
wasn't hadrians wall like 3 feet high?


05-16-2003, 02:58 AM
Maybe the wall Hadrian had around his garden was three foot high, but the wall he had built to protect the Roman Empire from us Scots was substantially bigger... :)
The wall wasn't the only defence - there was a series of earth mounds, a 12 foot deep 'V' shaped ditch, and then the wall , which was something like another 10 to 12 foot high.

A lot of stone from the wall has been scavenged in the past few centuries to build farmhouses, barns, etc, so the wall is pretty much three foot high now...