View Full Version : Project Back up question

01-18-2006, 01:32 PM
I have an archive hard drive for my VT4 projects. I create a folder for each job & store all the inf e.g. video, graphics, project folder ect.. on it. This works well if I need to do a re-edit I just drag everything back to the video drive & reload the project.
Now.. How can I do this onto a DVD so the client can take the raw material & project info home & I won't have to store it forever? The computer won't let me drag the floders onto a blank DVD. A warning "Windows has encountered a problem when trying to copy this folder" appears everytime I try to drag & drop onto the DVD. Is there a way to sve all the material as files? As always, thanks for your help...

01-18-2006, 04:04 PM
Copying to CD/DVD isnt as simple as copying to other hard drives.
Software such as http://www.cdburnerxp.se/ will make the process easier. There are other versions of software available, some you can buy.
This one worked for me, untill i get a longer term solution like http://www.nero.com/nero6/eng/index.html

Hope this gets you sorted. I'm sure others may have different software brands that they prefer.