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01-17-2006, 01:30 PM
So I have decided to utilize the content folder provided with LW. I'm running LW8.5 with to dual G5 computers. I want to be able to share the content folder with one computer while maintaining a library on the other. It has worked before no problem. But recently if I try to open a scene file that was created on the other computer and my LW crashes. My networking is fine, sharing is fine, I even created a small test scene, saved it and reopened it fine to the host computer from the remote computer.

Any ideas on what could be causing LW to crash scenes created by the other computers LW. Also, is this the best solution for maintaining 10 or so jobs a month that use the same textures and files- and then just back up the whole content folder. I use to create seperate job folders but then had to duplicate them if I wanted to open it on another computer. Then I would have to re-associate every image and object. I think this should be easier. Comments and Suggestions please!

01-21-2006, 02:34 AM
I normally create a content folder for my projects on a shared drive on the root of the drive and I am always sure not have characters that would not work on PCs or Unix files systems (no ?~etc) Short folder names without spaces, but underscores _ in place of spaces. I always ensure that I have proper file extensions of my files including my images .lws .lwo .psd .tif. I am also very careful to make sure that both machines have a similar configuration file and the appropriate plugins. your scenes could be crashing because you do not have a plugin installed, you could have a corrupted image, (resave your images in PS) you could have corrupted geometry file or something unknown like incorrect content directories or incorrect folder names inside your directories, all lowercase (ex. scenes, objects, images, prevews) and all plural.
I usually try to create content directories for a client or a large project. This way all of the appropriate files are in the right place and organized in a logical way. People who can't stay organized miss deadlines and make it harder for coworkers to use their scenes and objects for anything. So don't be that guy. I don't know if this has helped at all, but perhaps something will help you with your current problem. Just remember it is possible to work on content files from remote machines, studios do it all the time and so can you!! books like LW 3D 1001 Tips and Tricks have some pointers and tips related to file management and project contents. Check it out if you haven't already.
Good Luck!