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01-16-2006, 03:33 PM
I've been kicking LW around for a while now as a hobby. I am starting to get serious about doing something with my skill level, and am trying to solve what might be a straightforward issue for a more skilled person.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

I have a very nice static photo from about one mile out, on final for a runway. I'd like to have my airplane swoop past the camera and land on the runway. What I have done thus far is to use my photo as a background image in the camera, and tweaked the surface grid so that it matches (close enough) to the perspective and camera lens that I shot the photo with. I've done all the stuff with a runway in my 3D world for shadows and smoke effect for the tires, but the problem, of course, is that the image is a background picture and anytime the camera moves, my tweaking is toast.

I'd love to zoom and pan, and of course, shake and rattle the camera as the plane swoops past the camera.

What I am settling on is to render the animation with the boring static image, but a nice effect with the scale model landing on the scale runway surface. The resulting .dv file will be brought into FinalCut Pro, then I'll use the movie as a file to be shook and moved within the video editing environment.

Anybody have a better/easier solution? I'll post a link to what I am doing when it is ready.


01-16-2006, 04:01 PM
Thanks! You know that sounds vaguely familiar with something I've read along the way. You do have it exactly right with what I am trying to do...the key thing is that if I use the static image as a background in the camera, moving the camera around would not (naturally) move the background image.

I've done some simple move-matching (match-moving?) with a video clip as a background image, and was able to move the camera around to keep everything matched with the 3D objects interacting with the movie...but this is different since it is a static image.

I'm still waiting for my 900 frames of HD animation to finish rendering...should be done shortly.

01-16-2006, 05:31 PM
Thanks so much for taking the time to look that tutorial up. I'll be looking it over for what I am trying to do...

As a footnote, I finished my 30 sec animation, then sent it over to Final Cut Pro, then keyframed the imported video so that when the plane goes by, the camera rolls in the turbulence and jiggles around a bit...then does a hand-held look zoom and slight pan to follow the plane to the runway. The result is what I am looking for, but I am always looking for an easier way.

I have all the pieces in place, now to go back and add the reflections and the shadow of the plane approaching the runway surface.

Again...thanks for your help!