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01-13-2006, 08:16 AM
This is my setup for a live event using the Tricaster. I have been doing alot of live streaming as of late and this is what works for me.

1 Tricaster :)
1 External 250GB Firewire 400 Drive (pick your own mfg/size)
1 Panasonic AG-2500 DV deck
1 Shuttle PC (any SFF or Laptop will work also)
1 Scan Converter
1 4 port KVM swith (i will explain later)

First off the push pull problem with the tricaster, lets say you are doing a convention and the IT guys are not wanting to port fwd. for you.
The best way to fix this problem is with another machine running windows media encoder.

S-Video out Tricaster--->S-Video in AG-2500 out 2500 Firewire --->XP Box
Windows Media Encoder sees 2500 as standard DV device :)

The above config lets me do 2 things..
1 Push video
2 Record Backup Video on 2500

IVGA does not run on a MAC, so what works great for me is to take the VGA out of the PC/MAC, run it into a KVM swith which is then run into a Scan Converter, The scan converter gives me S-Video out which then goes into my Camera 3 input. I usually shoot with 2 cameras so it's not a big deal.

I use what they call a 'video balun' for my cameras, it's basically a s-video to ethernet adapter. You put 1 on each end of a standard CAT-5 cable and you are good to go. I have ben using these for 2 weeks now for a seminar. my longest run is 150 feet, but they say you can run 1 cable up to 1000 feet!!!!

LINKY TO BALUN (http://www.svideo.com/svideobalun1.html)

If anyone wants to post their specific configs we can use this thread as a quick reference.

Happy Streaming

01-13-2006, 02:22 PM
Good info but please get rid of the Impact font face. It's very difficult to read.

02-16-2006, 12:38 PM
How is the quality going thru the scan converter from your Mac to the TriCaster? Is it as good as the IVGA. What is the make and model of your scan converter?

We are trying get a similar setup here, and want to keep the quality as good as the IVGA.

Thanks in advanced for any inputs.