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01-10-2006, 09:40 AM
Hello - I was wondering if anyone had any experience using a Wacom 21UX Cintiq with Modeler. Basically, i bought one for the university lab here, and while this thing works great with Photoshop, Painter and Bodypaint, I find that its a bit of a hit-or-miss affair with Modeler, when in pen mode

Object creation tools all work fine. I can even use the Sketch tool to do handwriting, so there's no problem there. But then if I switch to the Modify tab... then we have problems. Nothing works. If I attempt to drag a point, for example, the point will fly off hundreds of meters in one direction. Same for move, rotate, etc.

Also, I can't seem to use any of the window view icons. Rotating the view is OK if I use the Alt key, but the rotate button on the window doesn't work. I think this is because of the way the difference in mouse and pen operates, so its no big deal.

Now, if I switch to mouse mode, all is well... of course using mouse mode on a Cintiq is disorienting at best...

Basically, just wondering if anyone has any hints or tips. At the moment I just kep the pen in pen mode and keep the mouse underneath and switch with my hand which is much faster and much less disorienting than switching the pen to mouse mode; though it seems like I'm not getting the most out of the Cintiq this way. :-)

01-10-2006, 11:26 AM
I'm using one here and haven't noticed these problems. It could be that you have some setting backwards. Do you have the new driver? Do you have Lightwave set to tablet mode? Wacom might point you in the right direction. I have found the tech support there to be pretty straightforward.

Something I have done is to disable the right side zoom strip because it was making me crazy when it got touched accidentally. I also mainly use the airbrush and the classic pen, because I can't stand the slippy grip pen. The airbrush gives the best grip for hours of work. The art pen has no buttons, which seems to limit it's usefulness.

I'm using the 21UX on a dual G5 with a 24" Dell in an over under configuration, and use a 6x8 Intuos3 as a partner to control both screens.

Right now I have a dual Opteron box also connected to the VGA input on the Dell and switch using the front bezel input switch. I hope to get a KVM switcher for the Cintiq to be able to switch the whole thing from Mac to Windows and back instead of just the Dell.

The weak link in my current setup is not the 21UX, but rather the Intuos3, which is dealing with more pixels than it was perhaps intended to, and is stretchin a 4x6 image area into a 4x3 format. In spite of this, it all works as advertised.


01-10-2006, 11:31 AM
Do you have Lightwave set to tablet mode?
This is the key here. Make sure LightWave is set to Tablet Mode for input device. This can be accessed in Modeler by pressing "d" for display options, then check the interface tab, and select Tablet for input device. I never use a mouse - the only input device (other than keyboard) I use is a Wacom tablet, and with this setting in LightWave it works flawlessly. The same should be for the Cintiq.

In Layout, there is a similar setting for input device. It is under general options instead.

01-11-2006, 05:35 PM
absolutely missed that option, though it was staring me in the face. Thanks much! :-)