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01-09-2006, 07:41 PM
another newbie here!

OK - I have read several posts on this issue and I still cant seam to figure this one out. I did all of the updates until 8.5. and when I open the application there is a bunch of menu items missing. There is only one program (module) option up on the top right - I have the Modeler icon (F12) - no render icon. And I also read that one should reset or rescan menu idems or preferences - how do I do that?

Thanks so much - I am more than anxius to get started. but right now I can't do a thing. Need help -

David S


01-09-2006, 09:19 PM
I am running Mac opperating system 10.4 - Tiger.

01-09-2006, 09:38 PM
Instructions for resetting plug ins and menu options.

1. Locate your config files they should be at C:\Documents and Settings\user name or do a search for *.cfg. This search will find all files on your hard drive that has the cfg extention.
The config files have a name and a number for the version of lightwave you are using. Ex. Lightwave version 8+ will have the following config files. LW8.CFG, LWHUB8.CFG, LWEXT8.CFG, LWM8.CFG.
These four files can safely be deleted. Note: Any customization you did will no longer exist.

2. Start Layout

3. Reset content directory by selecting EDIT>SET CONTENT DIRECTORY or press ALT-F12(shortcut)

4. Scan for all plugins by selecting UTILITIES>PLUGINS>EDIT PLUGINS or press ALT-F11 (shortcut). Rather than selecting the Lightwave folder and search for plug ins, select the plugins folder and then legacy plugins this is much faster as less files to scan through.

5. Reset Menu by selecting EDIT>EDIT MENU LAYOUT… or Alt-F10(shortcut) If the preset Default is grayed out, select 7.5 style then select default.
The shortcut keys were meant for a pc. I don't know Mac's equivelent.