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01-09-2006, 10:59 AM
Pay-Per-View Streaming Events Manager
Coming Soon from youngmonkey!

Having managed more than a hundred live internet broadcasts, it was inevitable that we'd grow tired of handling this tedious process manually. And thus was born the StreamSite Streaming Events Manager with Live Pay-Per-View. We put the latest incarnation to the test over the New Year's weekend, where it breezed through two simultaneous university hockey tournaments, automatically managing 15 games from two different time zones, with several hundred pay-per-viewers excitedly tuning in from all over the world.

Soon you'll be able to broadcast your Pay-Per-View event using your VT or TriCaster, while the StreamSite Streaming Events Manager does the hard work for you: automatically generating an event schedule and order website, collecting payments, creating accounts, connecting viewers to purchased events, and much more...

- Automatically generates a web-based event schedule - with built-in shopping cart for Pay-Per-View.
- Accepts payments via: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, eCheck, and PayPal
- Automatic time zone handling for viewers and broadcasts in completely different parts of the world
- Event countdown timers automatically display independently for each event on the day of that event's broadcast - making it easy for viewers to know the exact time an event begins in their own time zone
- Supports discounted Multi-Event Passes with automatic price reduction as events finish
- Handles simultaneous and back-to-back events and blocks viewers from freely watching events they haven't paid for
- Automatic account/password generation gives viewers fast access - even during an event
- Broadcast start monitoring - with automatic event running late notifications, so the viewer never gets directed to a non-existent stream
- Private login area for viewers
- Automatic generation and emailing of invoices directly to you the moment customers place orders
- Copyright/Title/Author and other media attributes automatically added to all broadcast streams
- No special setup required:
- You provide us with the Title/Date/Time/Price of your events.
- We provide you with a stream address to use in VT/TriCaster/etc.
- Use our Windows Media streaming services, or those of a third party
- Optionally configured to use your own domain name and/or site design
- Low per viewer cost - with no risk
- No web or media servers required
- No merchant bank or credit card accounts required

Please direct questions directly to us via our website: