View Full Version : Final Cut Pro: Export to TriCaster?

01-06-2006, 02:53 PM
Hello All,
Where can I find additional information about exporting video from Final Cut Pro for playback in a TriCaster? As I understand it, TriCaster uses a "special" AVI codec. Is it possible to output these "special" AVI files from a Mac? Would love to avoid rolling to tape.

I've searched the forum, but can't seem to find a reliable thread. Any help appreciated.


Keywords: Apple, Quicktime, Final Cut Pro, FCP, Codec, AVI, export.

Paul Lara
01-07-2006, 12:33 PM
TriCaster creates video in its own special format, but read normal .dv avi files without difficulty. I had one FCP user state that exporting DVCam (or DVCPro, I cannot recall right now) .avi from Final Cut is readable on the PC. You cannot, however, just copy over Apple quicktime files for playback.