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01-04-2006, 09:15 AM
Alright, I'm at my wits end here. For every revision of lightwave, Graph Editor remains
full of bugs despite my repeated efforts to report them. Now, in 8.5, even more bugs
have been introduced.

If anyone has the same problem, please speak up as this seems to be extremely
low on the to-do list. Having been involved in programming, I know how it works and
since I've rarely heard specific bugs in Graph Editor mentioned, I'm starting to think that
I'm **** out of luck.

If anyone have experienced any of the following problems, please speak up.

1. Copy multiple keys on the timeline with the first keys offset in time still does not
work according to the preview. All copied keys on individual channels are offset to
the last selected channels starting point.
Either fix the preview or fix the problem which was introduced sometime around
6.5-7.0. Extremely limiting as it adds a lot of extra time to fix each offset or copying
each envelope one by one.


2. Stretching keys while multple channels is active in the editor produces changes in
selection with keys being de-selected and new one selected. It also fails to stretch
intermittenly, deselcting all selected keys.
Stretch has become totally unsuable on more than 1 active envelope.


*/ Edit: Added a couple of images to more clearly explain the problem. Also might add that
this is hasn't happened on just one copy of lightwave but confirmed on numerous
workstations over several years.

Personally, these bugs are as crippling as the move tool in a viewport only working on one
object at the time and not always the one selected. */


01-04-2006, 10:17 AM
Confirm 1. it works fine if the time frame of the new keys doesn't overlap any other keys (it works if you're pasting into a completely clear area, but if one of your channels has a key there, that channel gets offset.

I don't get either of the other two problems.

01-04-2006, 10:36 AM
As far as #3 goes. You have "Lock Motion Keys In Time" checked in the GE options. This drove me nuts for a long time as well but it's not a bug.

It might be what's causing #2 as well.


01-04-2006, 03:43 PM
Dodgy: Thanks for testing and I apologize for my crappy explanation of the problems. It's not a problem with keys present in the timeline shifting, but with the actual copied keys being offset in relation to each other.
I have edited my orignal post to include a couple of images to illustrate the problem.

Auger: Thanks a million. Guess I jumped the gun on that one, thinking it was another bug.

01-04-2006, 09:30 PM
I get the stretching problem and have done so since 7.5. Have had to do it all numerically, which isn`t exactly intuitive!


Edit: Hmm! Not that I can repeat the problem right now! I never have the Lock Keys in Timeline feature on, so that wasn`t the reason, before, but I can`t get it to misbehave now!