View Full Version : San Francisco Worldwide Tour HELP

05-12-2003, 11:11 AM
Dear LightWavers:

I signed up several months ago for the upcoming LightWave Worldwide Community Tour to be held in San Francisco on May 27-28.

Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to attend. I would hate for this spot to go to waste (notto mention the $199.00 I paid for it), so I'd like to transfer my spot to another LightWave user.

This is NOT YET an offer to sell or exchange, or give away this spot, only a request to find out how and if it's possible to do this.

I wrote to Larry and Lee last week but haven't heard back. If anyone can help, please post it here or send me a private email at [email protected] AND [email protected]

I have email verification that I paid if anyone needs documentation.