View Full Version : What we WILL see in 8 (based on 6 and 7)

02-16-2003, 03:25 AM

this is what I exspect 8 to be, despite the requests of us mere users ;)

improved workflow
improved UV editing
improved GUI (a la XSI, with x/y/z on the title bar of windows)
improved display options
improved SubDs (faster, with ngon support)
small tool addons for bevel
more interactivity and history (for lathe, splineguide etc)
default lighting can be changed
improved skelegon editing and handling through HUB

spline IK
improved surface editor (subsurface scattering)
improved Gloval Illumination
improved workflow
premade skeleton
improved MoCap handling
slightly improved ParticleFX (fluids)
improved HyperVoxels
basic rigid body system
more display options ( a la modeler, slightly enhanced OpenGL for games)
improved capabilities for Spreasheet
streamlined, workflow improved for graph editor
render any viewport
new VIPER where You can optionally draw a rectangle in a viewport and have it rendered instantly (like Mayas IPR)
UV can be seen in VIPER
enhanced Motion Mixer

What I guess we will NOT see:

improved bones
improved lights
improved Motion Designer
improved SasLite
more undos in Layout
integration with modeler
3D texture painting
foottstep system

Now, the thing I am really curious about: NewTek has usually made something *really cool* no other app had before.
MetaNURBS, HyperVoxels, Radiosity...I am really wondering what the "cool futuristic feature" will be this time.
Fluids are quite famous at the moment...but that would be too obvious.
Maybe a cool muscle system ? Hmmm, might be too special, since MetaNurbs and Radiosity for example where pretty usable for the common man...any ideas ? Whats the next big thing after fluids and muscles ?

02-16-2003, 05:07 AM
Im glad to see intergration in the What we wont see section :)

Personally i dont mind if there arn't many "new" features, what i really want to see are some of the features we have now improved, mainly MD and as u said, add fluids to the particle system (there really good now but they could be vastly improved). Ofcourse i would love it if lots of features were added but id put them lower in my list of wants.


02-16-2003, 09:06 AM
Well, well,

still no real suggestion for the innovation in 8 :)
What's up, not enough imagination ;) ?
I for one doubt that FX_Break will be in it, or UV_Editor,
although it might be a cool decision.
But there has to be something in it, that makes other developers
go "Hmmm..."
Maybe OGO_Taiki ? Or a new modeling toolset, like in Zbrush ?
Or even something no one of us could dream of, like an intelligent new
character setup system ?
Or an ultra-fast fiber system ?
A real weather-system ?
SubsurfaceScattering is needed, but it is not so ultracool.
G2 Lite ?

02-16-2003, 10:58 AM
How about no more 'lite' anything?

7 was a good step towards better character tools. I'm sure that will continue into 8.

02-16-2003, 03:07 PM
Hey Emmanuel

"default lighting can be changed "

You can sort of do that now!

You know you can load a "ANY" Scene form a shortcut.
so that it's your default startup scene

I have a standard 3 point setup that get's loaded on Layout startup everytime..

I also have 3PL script that gives me instant great lighting.
Just thought you may like to know...

02-17-2003, 01:17 AM
Well, at least, NT should stop the Lite "teasing" versions of any commercial plugins inside LW, they are here just to give more sales for the whole versions of it.... (I even suspect that's the kind of deal they have..!) like the story of Sasquatch & Saslite, I dont want to see (AKA pay for it !) a G2 lite in the new version of LW, If i want it, I'll buy it, I really dont need paying demo version...!

Sorry to say that, but I bought Sasquatch a long time ago (full version), so when NT made me buy the new LW with a lite version of a plugin that I already own in full version , I really feel hummmm......! GGGrrrrr !!!!