View Full Version : LightWave v9 Status Update from Jay Roth - 12/21/05

12-21-2005, 11:34 AM
Dear LightWavers,

We are now at the end of the year 2005, and it has been a great year for LightWave. The new team is well entrenched and committed to making LightWave the innovative 3D package you expect. With each release this year, LightWave has gotten better and better. We know that you demand a rock-solid, outstanding LightWave, and so do we, as we have demonstrated with LightWave v8.3 and v8.5. In addition to adding some cool new features, we have done a great job at stomping many of the older bugs that haven’t been addressed in years.

In the spirit of demanding that LightWave be ready for prime time, I have to inform you that LightWave v9 is not up to our standards for delivery, just yet. The LightWave beta team has been fantastic, championing the cause for a better product and workflow, and helping us to resolve many long term issues. We still have a couple of key elements that need to be addressed before we can release and many bugs yet to kill. NewTek wants this version of LightWave to be the best ever, and we need more time.

So, what does this all mean? It means that LightWave v9 will be shipping in early 2006. Does that mean that you will have to wait a long time before you can use LightWave v9? In a word… no.

We are putting the finishing touches on a public beta program for LightWave v9 that will be open to any customer eligible for an upgrade to 9. As we are effectively in the holiday season now, we will not be starting this program until after the first of the year. Eligible participants will be receiving information about participating in the plan soon. LightWave v9 has some big changes under the hood and we want to make sure that we get everything right before we release the final product. We believe that the public beta program will not only be a great way to ensure that we ship a quality product, but will also allow us to give you an early look at the great new features and improvements in LightWave v9.

Thank you for your commitment to LightWave and your continued support. Please rest assured that the commitment and support runs both ways… we are continuing to innovate, develop and support LightWave to bring you the best possible 3D program on the market.

Best wishes for a great holiday and a Happy New Year from all of us on the LightWave team.

Jay Roth
NewTek 3D Division