View Full Version : $495 Sweet deal for Oasis, Mirage and Toy Box...

12-15-2005, 12:36 PM
If you were on the fence now its time to get off..
Update the old and get with the new..
Read the particulars below and get in on a great deal!!

With Oasis make website titles like on
Or make HD Titles or SD titles
RTV, Quicktime, Yes you CAN!
Toy Box the sweetener for the deal.
Adds that extra punch to the alredy cool title animations!!
So folks Jump in and Get to it.
I dont know if this deal can or will ever come again!..

Either way Happy holidays!


This is HOT End of the year deal!


This is HOT
Good Price great combo
ToyBox Mirage and Oasis

Check out the demo clip I made this morning.


Using Oasis Effects with a some Toy Box I got some
wild and new takes on these effects.

Woo Hoo this is HOT

Steve Bowie put together a great package deal!!


Thanks everyone. Now, here's **THE REALLY BIG NEWS**!

Some of you haven't upgraded to Mirage yet, but have been teetering.
Teeter-time is over ... if you're EVER considering it, do it now:

By special arrangement with Bauhaus Software, Bob Tasa and I have teamed up
to present the biggest, baddest bundle ever, an exclusive offer (for Aura
and LW users only)! *Until Dec. 31 only* we present ...

The "Editor's Mirage Mega-Bundle," including:

1) Bauhaus Mirage Studio v.1.5a with PDF manual
(hardcopy manual available from the Bauhaus website for $25.00)

2) Oasis 1.0 (the best-ever text animation plugin for Mirage)

3) ToyBox [3] (the brand new CG powerhouse for Mirage)
"Editor's Mega-Mirage Bundle,"

The MSRP on the Aura/LW crossgrade to Mirage is US$449.00. Oasis is $149,
and TB[3] is $99.95. The reg. total then would be $679.95, plus shipping.
(Are you sitting down?)

The "Editor's Mirage Mega-Bundle" will be **US$495.00**, incl. shipping to
continental US or Canada (TB[3] by download, Mirage and Oasis by ground.)

That's a savings of US$185.00! This deal is available nowhere else, so do
it now or forever hold your peace. Tell your friends, post it on other
lists, but please don't bury this list in questions. Queries can be
directed to either me or Bob.

Regards, Steve

NewTek VT[3] & LightWave 3D, and now - Bauhaus Mirage!
[email protected] http://www.vtworx.com (416)633-0191
Bob Tasa
Bob Tasa