View Full Version : camera viewcone visibility in layout

12-15-2005, 09:36 AM
is there any way to keep the display of the camera viewcone on also when a camera is not selected in the scene editor? i did not find any options to do so. i need it for positioning markers (small polyboxes) on the borders of this cone to export my camera settings as a geometry.

or has someone another tip to do so? a plugin or script to export a camera's cone of vision as a polygonal geometry would be very, very useful!


12-18-2005, 12:46 AM
There is the camera mask custom object that you add to a null object parented to the camera.

Do you know of that one?

Something to mess with that might help in the right direction. it will leave a little blue outline that represents the camera view when not selected. This is where ever the null is. So if you set the nul to 1M on the Z (0 on all other peramiters) it will put the outline there as a plane of inersection with the camera view.

This is for mapping images on polys and keeping them regsitered exactly to the outline of the camera view but you can see its other uses that might help you.