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05-10-2003, 03:29 PM
I know that Paul Lara and Proton are good, but they have jobs etc and so arn't on the boards all the time. They also dont have that much presence (ill be shown when this is deleted!).

So I vote for a member, ie hrgiger to be made a Moderator. This is NT call really, but what do other people think?

05-11-2003, 10:18 PM
Whatever any individual member`s merits might be, making them a moderator is inviting them to become both judge and jury.

How shall they moderate themselves?


05-12-2003, 12:15 AM
I think he would be a good mod, but i dont think this forum needs it. The moderators are very active, as we have seen, and there is a "Report Post" feature that makes the forum very self-regulating.

05-13-2003, 01:07 PM
A mod would need to be neutral. There aren't many people on this forums that ARE neutral in most discusstions. HR isn't (nor am I)

05-13-2003, 01:13 PM
Ok, well it seemed like a good idea at the time.

05-17-2003, 09:41 PM
Since HrGiger doesn't work for NewTek, he would never be a mod.

05-17-2003, 11:08 PM
I still wonder why Chuck isn't listed as the Mod. William seems to post mostly in the cgtalk forums. Paul is in the VT forums. Chuck is left alone to fight the good fight here.

Yea Chuck!

05-18-2003, 07:51 AM
Moderators are listed - admins are not, and I'm an admin. Thanks for the encouraging words, Chris!