View Full Version : LightWave VX, will it lead to something ?

12-09-2005, 04:27 AM
hello matt,

i may have mist sthg amongst the thousand of replies but are you in touch with newtek and is there a chance to see your interface integrated to the next version of lw9 ?

lw interface is indeed far to old and heavy to work with compared to what exists on the market.

i had a look at modo and saw the jump they realised since lw 7.5 .
the interface is "up to date" corresponding to what i am waiting for from a software, very well thought, intelligent in a word.

i am waiting for the last part of their program "nexus", to see what it will propose, being very confident since the show at the orpheum theater last summer.

i payed for a last lw update and will decide after it if i move to another package, nexus being the first on the list.

it always happens that people want new features, it's a part of the software evolution, but as you find yourself writing an endless list for interfaces inconvenances, features missing etc..and you discover another software that seems to be the one you're looking for, you just throw the list away and leave them because it's been far too long and too much energy spoiled.

i do hope your interface will be included because it seems, at least, a real step forward and wish you success for it,