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05-10-2003, 09:05 AM
I'm very pleased to be able to invite all here to help themselves to a working demo version of the ToyBox version 2.5. Some here have been using the release version already, but now you can all try this out.

This version is ONLY for Aura 2.5b and AuraVT owners. Users of AuraDV can access the (far less capable but still cool) "ToyBoxDV" version free on the NewTekPro site - you others, it's time to upgrade :-p)

Demo Version Info Pages (www.videotoasterworx.com/toybox)

Just follow the links to the demo download form from the page above.

The demo version offers a number of fully functional tools, and is not time limited. (There are far less image maps included in the demo version, but you can always add your own.) If you do check it out, and have any suggestions at all for future additions ... please let me know :)

Regards, Steve

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