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12-03-2005, 07:42 PM
do you find it a little odd that..

1.computer games industry [pc and console] is bigger than the whole film industry and music industry combined yet just how many tv programmes are on tv about computergames........one!...at 435am on a sunday morning! [normal tv]

2.using computers has probably 70-80% of the population using pc's daily yet there's NO dedicated tv programmes about computers on normal tv channels?

like i said........odd!!

the thing is that computers and games are in direct competition for 'their time' and the media doesn't want to lose control of their advertising revenue over to games and computers...

the bbc [uk tv] being a public broadcasting statiuon though SHOULD reflect the huge size and impact as they are not bound by adverts paying for the programmes and if the govt want us to be more productive as a nation their really shold be more tv programmes on computers and getting the best from them and less reality tv shows and endless looped rubbish like eastenders which only drives the nation to a banal grey world of pub culture getting the latest stolen goods off the back of a lorry as the pinnicle of achievments!

just how the country will become more/stay the same level of competitivness against china and india in the near future really relies on most people being self taught or those individuals paying out of their own pockets themselves
to become more capable....

not that tv should be THE way to learn stuff but the lack of programming on mainstream tv for this is disgusting and unbalanced to reality.

12-03-2005, 11:02 PM
Here in the US, we had a nice cable show called TechTV....it was VERY helpful for the novice and advanced computer user alike. You could even watch some video clips online....Then some Game channel bought it and morphed it into a totally different creature. Haven't watched it since.
Hollywood is good at one thing. Coming up with stories...fashioning imaginary/alternate realities...that's why so many actors behave as if they came from another planet.

12-04-2005, 10:54 AM
Before TechTV in the early-mid 1990s, there was a cable network called Jones Computer Network/Mind Extension University/Knowledge TV. They had a lot of interesting shows on about computers and software.

One of my favorites was "Digital Gurus", hosted by Deke McClelland and Lee Sherman. They would have guests like Russell Brown demonstrating Photoshop tips, and they also had Kai Krause demonstrating the first preview version of Bryce, among other topics. A lot of those tips are still valuable today.

I blame that show for getting me hooked on computer graphics. Luckily, I recorded all the episodes on VHS, so I can still enjoy them. :thumbsup:

I liked TechTV too before the change, especially "Screen Savers" with Leo LaPorte. Now it's more about computer gaming. :cry:

12-04-2005, 12:20 PM
So true Cress-head... nowadays Cybernet is the only one... and such a rediculous time to have it on... and to be honest it is pretty poor. (or it was bad when i was a student and the time it was on was more favourable because we were actually awake.)

In the early 90's we had GamesMaster, which was superb telly... and i wish they'd bring Dominic Dymond back, he was seriously funny.

We also had Bad Influence on ITV which was okay too, despite being a bit kiddy, it kept us up to date, and even featured the video toaster one week.

And at the bottom of the pile we had Movies Games and Videos on Saturdays, which was the same reviews from Cybernet, but with a guys voice reading them out.

Now we have none... on normal telly anyway, and on sky there is some crap show presented by two of the most untrained TV hosts i have ever seen!

Oh well.

Nicolas Jordan
12-04-2005, 01:18 PM
Here in Canada we have a show called Game Nation(all about console games). Its been around for years now. I think it started in the late 90s. Check it out http://www.gamenationtv.com/