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DJ Dougster
12-02-2005, 05:05 AM
Hi folks,

I'm attempting to create a semi-decent looking cupboard, but I'm unclear about a couple of things.
Would anyone be able to advise me what tools to use to create a door handle?
Also, how to create the effect of the door being in front of the cupboard shelves instead of behind? I created the original cupboard using 2 boxes and the bevel tool. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



12-02-2005, 09:46 AM
You really need to start by learning the tools one by one, playing with them.
Make boxes & spheres etc, play with the various modfy tools, READ THE MANUAL.

- then you'll realise that, just like in the rest of the world, a door knob could be several balls, cylinders & blocks next to each other or a lathed or extryded object, a door can be made by adding blocks together or beveling faces of a block to make panels - loads of ways for everthing.
The objects can be moved & distorted, added & subtracted, anything is possible once you learn to use the tools provided.
There is no magic button or sequence to make each & every object of your desire (except, once upon a time, a teapot)

Without mastering the simple tools first and seeing what each can do you will waste everybodies time.
-for instance, you dont need to 'create an effect' of the door being in front of the shelves - you just PUT IT IN FRONt OF THE SHELVES!

12-02-2005, 06:00 PM
Now, now, yelling is not required.
He is right though. Think of a cupboard(cabinet) in its most primitive shapes. The sides, doors, shelves are nothing but boxes. If you were a carpenter, you would take a piece of wood maybe plywood attach it to another piece of wood until you have the shell of the cabinet, then put pieces of wood inside for shelves and finally put the wood on for doors. Each of these pieces of wood are boxes. Actually in the 3d world you can cheat a little by making the entire shell out of one box, select the face of the box, add geometry, resize for the wall thickness, add geometry, set the depth of the inside of the box.
Adding geometry can be done by right clicking with smooth shift tool or pressing the e key for extender plus if you have version 8.
As for the knobs, I recommend that you take a trip to your local hardware store and check out the knobs they have. Try to break them down to the primitives that make them up. Can you see a ball, disk, cone, cube, etc. If the knob is a compound shape(not made from a primitive), try and see if you can make out the profile(a 2d shape) that can be lathed or rail extruded. maybe the shape looks like the oposite of two primitives together(boolean).
If the knob is really complex, buy one, bring it home take a side and front photo of it and model it.