View Full Version : EPS file question?

12-02-2005, 04:23 AM
I recently learn't about uv mapping, and have got to the stage where i want to take a uv map into photoshop, colour it and send it back to lightwave..I am having dificulty understanding the whole EPS plugin.
So I make a uv map initially, ensuring to set the subpatch interpolation to 'subpatch'.
So I then run the 'export encapsulated postscript' plugin , save it as an eps and open it in PS. But...it opens as if i hadnt switched on subpatches when i first created the uv. It is made up of lines instead of curves?
My second question is how to get an eps back into lightwave? The manual and several tutorials are very helpful in explaining the export function, but seem to skip the importing back to lightwave explanation?

12-02-2005, 02:40 PM
The current eps exoprter doesn't support subpatches so you will need to use a screen grab of the UV window in LW then crop it down in photoshop and adjust the brightness and contrast to make it black and white,.. then set it as a screen or multiply layer. The EPS export is just a way to build a template for painting in photshop. You dont need to send it back to LW as an EPS. You paint in photoshop using the EPS or screen grab as a guide then map the painted image to the UV'd object in LW via the surface editor.