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11-28-2005, 11:24 AM
I have to say I'm just horrified by how awful my experience with customer services has been.

Over a month ago I lost my dongle. As a primary portable user, having to tote the dongle with me was something I was thrilled about because it's easy to lose.

Well, after contacting customer service and getting no response, someone from marketing was kind enough to get them in touch with me. When I inquired how much it was to replace the dongle I was again horrified to findout that I would have to fork out [Confidential price information removed by the moderators] to replace it.


Not only were they preventing me from using this application I payed good money for, but also my investment in Fprime.

So it's over a month later and I still don't have a dongle. I sent an email to the customer service supervisor to contest the policy (on November 4th) and did not receive a response. After waiting for one, I decided to go back to the customer service person I had spoken with and ask him to personally walk a copy of my email to the supervisor's desk as she apparently does not answer emails.

On the 21st of November, I got a terse statement saying:

"What should I do about this guy? Should I give him the dongle for [Confidential price information removed]?"

I'm not sure if I was intended to receive this but I responded saying I would do that so I could at least have my software no longer held hostage.

Well, I have not yet heard back even though I sent an email back on the 22nd.

They have been slow, sluggish and non-responsive. So here I sit weeks and weeks after my initial request for a new dongle to receive one.

Is everyone treated so poorly by Newtek?


11-28-2005, 12:34 PM
I have had some issues with Customer Service as well - mainly getting a response in a timely manner. Forget email altogether.

As for the lost dongle they obviously have to charge $$$ for that - or everyone would 'loose' the **** thing. They really should just implement a better protection scheme. Also, they should state up front what the cost of replacement is - maybe they do this already who knows??? I've never seen it but then again I'm still sporting the old parallel dongle ;)

It will get fixed - don't worry.

11-28-2005, 12:44 PM
Our apologies that the response has been so sluggish. I will ask the appropriate managers to review the case and to see what needs to be done to improve performance in the future. With regard to the email you sent the 22nd, we had a number of staff who took time off in advance of the scheduled Thanksgiving holidays, so likely the representative was simply not in, but will respond as soon as they are back, or the manager they needed a response from was not in.

As regards our policies with respect to lost or stolen dongles, we conducted a review when we were engaged some years back in determining what to do for policy on the matter. All other software products which used a dongle for license control had policies that specified that the loss of the dongle required the user to purchase a new copy of the product. There was no lower cost replacement available. This included several other professional 3D products that cost several times what LightWave did, even in the era of its highest pricing.

We elected not to charge customers full price for such replacement, and so far as we are aware this policy is still far more generous that what is available from other vendors with regard to lost dongles, or with regard to lost licenses where other means than a dongle are used for protection. In general, vendors require that in such losses the user has no recourse other than to buy a new license at full price. We don't; we essentially replace the license at a very substantial discount if it was lost; and even less cost if it is documented as stolen.