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02-15-2003, 09:14 PM
Hi, I'm new to lightwave and I need to morph one object to another, but I don't really know how to do it, I heard about a morphing tool in lightwave. Can anyone help?

02-16-2003, 11:15 AM
Endo-morph ???

Not really morphing from 1 object to another, but more of morphing individual actions, (like speech,eye movement, muscle movement and such), can be used for arm, finger, and leg bending BUT endo-morphs don't do radiii morphs, so arm movement (unless it is done within a frame or 2) will look horribly wrong.

If you go from 1 object to a totally new object and make it look right, I would do an 'Object replacement' with endo-morphs.
So it would look like this......

Layer 1 in modeler....original object
Layer 2 in modeler....morph to object

Now comes the detail work..and the better you want it to look depends on how ya do your detail work here.

In layer 1 make a new endo-morph and start moving points so that they start looking like the background (layer 2) but don't go too far because points 'only move in straight line' for endo-morphs.
So small moves with moving points look better(remember, ya can have more than 1 endo-morph)
so after ya have the points moved a little and it starts to take on the general shape of the bkgrnd, do a 'copy map' for that morph.
then make another endo-morpf for that object and paste the copied map and continue moving points till your halfway to background object.

Switch layers and copy layer 2 and drop it into layer 3

with layer 3 open and layer 1 in bkgrnd
make an endo morph for this object and pull the points to match the background as best as possable.
copy map

now put layer 2 in background
make a new endo-morph for layer 3 and paste the map and continue moving points to match the new layer, making a few morphs to make it look normal by coping the map and doing new morph.
when your last morph is made and you end up with layer 3 looking like layer 2(bkgrnd) you are done....

delete layer 2

cut layer 3 and paste as a 'new object'

save both objects

In Layout

load both objects
Dissolve the 'morph to' object 100%

open up the morph mixer for the 'Morph from' object and you will see all the endo-morphs there (how ever many you ended up making in modeler)

well do a 100 frame anim here with frame 50 being the turning point between objects..

divide the first 50 frames by how many morphs ya made for the 'morph from' object....say ya made 3 morphs

so we will hold frame 0 to frame 10 as the base object, so go to frame 10 on the frame slider, and just hit 'ALL' the morph sliders to 0 so they lock.
this leaves us 40 frames to the frame 50 so each morph will happen in 10 frames.

put slider(main LW) to frame 20...move the morph 1 slider to 100% and lock the others at 0% (ya have to lock all the others or they will start to move at the wrong times.)

At frame 29 (after ya moved the main frame slider),lock all morph sliders.
at frame 30 (after ya moved the main frame slider),move the first morph back to 0% and the seciond morph to 100%...lock all the others.

at frame 39 (after ya moved the main frame slider),lock all sliders
at frame 40 (after ya moved the main frame slider),move 2nd morph to 0% and 3rd morpf to 100%... lock all others

NOW the object change....

at frame 49 (after ya moved the main frame slider),go to the dissolve panel for this object and set the dissolve envelope from 0% at frame 0 and 49 and to 100% at frame 51

now go to the 'morph to' object and set the dissolve envelope to 100% from frame 0 to 49 and 0% at frame 51.

do just the same as ya did for the first objects endo-morphs in reverse order so that at frame 90 ya end up with the final 'morph to' object showing and holding for the last 10 frames.

You should now have an object morphing to and changing shape as it does to another object..

BUT... ya can just dissolve from 1 object to another in layout and skip all that above but that is just a dissolve and dosen't really look right for a morph. (cheating way)

The above example will really look cool depending on how many endo morphs ya do for each change, and it REALLY looks nice if ya have an object (say human) start morphing at the feet and end up with the head morphing into a totally new creature, (but this takes great care and detail work)

02-16-2003, 11:17 AM
WOAH !!!
just seen how long that was to read :D after it was posted..

easier to do than the direction seem to make it but you'll get it quickly.

02-16-2003, 01:21 PM
EDIT: Removed my post cos i hadn't read Prosprctor's post properly and i basically just posted a simpler example of exactly what he said :)


02-16-2003, 02:28 PM
So repost it !!!!
there might be something I missed or some other little tidbits that might help out in speed or other ideas of thought.

We like to see all ways that something can be acomplished:D

02-16-2003, 02:50 PM
Your wish is my command :)

Its not easy to morph 2 models because morphing requires the 2 objects to have the exact same number of points in them, also the order of the points is how lightwave decides where to move each point so its not easy.
The best way would be to make 1 morph map on each object where u deform the object to look like a blob or something, do this with both objects so they look quite simalar as blobs, then in layout load both objects and set one to 100% desolve so its invisble and set it to 100% morph so it looks like a blob, then have the first object moph TO a blob as it desolves out and the second object morph FROM a blob and have it fade in, this would fake them morphing together. I cant really think of any other way of morph 2 different objects :)

Hope this helps, i know i didn't explain it so well.

Basically its what u said but my idea was to have a morph where the object is a blob rather than matched to the other object, i did it this was cos theres a Speherise command in modeler that as the name suggests, takes any object and turns it into a ball. U can then make it look a bit lumpy/bumpy with the magnet tool etc.. But matching the morph to the other object as u said makes more sence :)


02-16-2003, 05:40 PM
Thats what I love about the LightWave community. The people are so cool they fight over who helps best :) :D

02-16-2003, 06:24 PM
Yea..I was more along the line of say a human to a robotdroid, or a human laying on the ground to a lizard, or a human bending over and morphing into the LW cow:D

tried to get the 2 arm and 2 leg thingy worked into the scheme:p

But I see yours done all the time on Charmed, where the dissolve a demon and sometimes they come back from the puddle...(in your case a blob)

02-17-2003, 05:14 AM
Yeh i think your right, if they have the same number of extremities then it would look awesome with your way :)