View Full Version : Project IM teaser

Zafar Iqbal
11-22-2005, 01:58 PM
Zero Proint Software proudly present a sneak peak of our latest project.

Codename: Project IM (http://www.zeropointsoft.com/teaser/)

Next generation computergame currently in negotiation/pre-development.

Direct links:
High Resolution Quicktime, 33MB (http://www.zeropointsoft.com/teaser/videos/zps_project_im_teaser_720x406.mov)
High resolution Mpeg, 19MB (http://www.zeropointsoft.com/teaser/videos/zps_project_im_teaser_720x406.mpg)
Low resolution Quicktime on teaser page (http://www.zeropointsoft.com/teaser/)

Make sure you check out the screenshots too.

Next preview is scheduled to Q1, 2006

C&C are most welcome.

Ps. Some 3DSMax - Lots of Lightwave :)