View Full Version : Problem with RLA/RPF export

05-08-2003, 01:28 PM
Hi all,

I'm experiencing a wierd problem with RLA and RPF export and wonder if anyone can shed light on it.

I have applied the "Extended RPF export" image filter to a very simple scene - just a UV mapped cube in front of a wall (not UV mapped) (2 objects) - with all options selected.

But the rendered file does not seem to contain good extended data. For example, I import the image into Digital Fusion 4.01, and map the U channel to all three of RGB. I would expect to see a grey gradient in the area where the UV mapped cube is, but instead I see pure black. Another test is to select a material, also within DF. This shows the material codes do not correspond to the cube and background wall, but instead change in narrow vertical bars (!).

Is this a known problem, and are there any work rounds?




12-30-2004, 02:00 PM
I have a similier problem w/ the object/matiral ID buffers, Seems to of occured with the 8.0.1 update

As far as the UV buffers I have had success using them mapping them in 8.0.1

I think they might have jacked up something used by that plugin cause I'm seeing posts about it for the first time