View Full Version : ok i succumb, but, how to?

02-15-2003, 08:54 PM
ok, ive succumb to the new group (well not really, Ive been forced since the 14th cuz the old forums dead as far as new posts!), BUT, is there a way to make everyones reply text a different color, maybe blue or user defined?

..with all these new layout graphics like avatars and grey, white and dark grey boxes framing every post, its VERY difficult to read messages as quickly as before...the old way, the nice white background, the blue header, and then the simple black text with plenty of spacing was VERY easy to read.

also, when i get an email now about replys to posts, it doesnt have the stinking reply quoted, it just has a link...thats lame compared to before, where i could read it right there in the email and then if i was interested, I could click the link to read more and reply!

is it possible for the moderators to setup options like that for us?