View Full Version : NewTek and TVPaint Announce New Alliance

05-08-2003, 11:52 AM
NewTek and TVPaint, Inc., are pleased to announce that they have reached a new agreement on the development and distribution of the broadcast video paint toolset that NewTek has distributed as Aura Video Paint(TM). NewTek will continue to include Aura Video Paint with the award-winning VT[2](TM) and forthcoming VT[3](TM) broadcast production suite. TVPaint will distribute the product in standalone form under new branding.

TVPaint will offer upgrades to new versions of the rebranded product to owners of NewTek's standalone Aura Video Paint package. TVPaint will also continue to work with NewTek to allow NewTek to provide enhancements to Aura Video Paint as an element of current and future video production suites. From time to time, NewTek and TVPaint will work together to provide a variety of special offers as well, including bundle offerings of the two companies' products.

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