View Full Version : ScreamerNet Controller for OS X Version 3.2 Released

02-15-2003, 08:52 PM
We are pleased to announce that the ScreamerNet Controller for OS X has been updated to yet another version! Here are the key features we have added:

* Allows for rendering logged on to the server as a guest instead of having to share the whole drive.
* Checks the scene file for the Spreadsheet Plugin, which may cause the nodes to crash when rendering, and removes this from the scene.
* Opens files that do not have the Lightwave file type, but do have the .lws extention.
* When you load a scene, you are given a dialog to change the start, end, and step frames, change the file output, and change some other options.

This upgrade is a free upgrade for current users of version 3.x. It still will control one node for free! To download, please visit: