View Full Version : osx 10.2.5/10.2.6 ogl graph editor trouble solved

05-08-2003, 11:39 AM
there is a problem on my mac using lw's graph editor; it is very sluggish in play. selecting keys have a terrible retard (about 1-3 second). this hapens especcially when the crosshair passes the actual view.

...a little bit of experimenting, and...

solution that works fine for me:

to solve performance problems on ogl under updates after mac osX10.2.4
(10.2.5, 10.2.6)

...you must replace the geforce extensions (System/lybrary/extensions) with the ones from 10.2.4

...too, replace the openGL frameworks (System/lybrary/frameworks)

(...think you must make this changes, booting from an other osX)

... rebbot on this 10.2.6!!!

...now the graph editor is lightning fast, even if the crosshair is passing the view. selecting and editing is now real "realtime".

...before, under 10.2.5/10.2.6 it was impossible to work fluidly with graph editor on motions.
(...seems to have a new mac!)

...hope this can solve some trouble.

...i dont say if this hack will have influence on any other apps.
so be careful, and make bkups of any thing you modyfie!

..on my mac it works incredibly fine!

my mac is a quicksilver 933/1.25gb ram/nvidia geforce 4mx
lightwave 7.5 with lscript 2.5.1 ("lcore3.shlb", is not the installed one from the installer)

05-13-2003, 06:19 AM
Where can i find the files i need to replace, we already updated all machines...And the slowdowns are making me wanna toss this Mac in the waterworks next to our office even more...

And people here still wonder why i keep on working on the old lowgrade PC...It works...