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11-15-2005, 06:50 PM

this is a r & d animation test webpage for reference video of motion capture files where you'd use it to rotoscope from.

rotoscoping is tracing the footage and copying the poses over thruout the animation...you'd place the video's in the background viewport and match move your character to it so 'capturing the motion'...by hand...hence the rather quirky title i came up with 'hand i capture'

you get a top view, side view and front view as well as 3/4 perspective view
of the same motion capture
driven character animation.

i created reference grids to judge how/where the character is in relation to
3d space.

i mainly looked into this because of the large amount of motion capture files
i now own for now and also giving help to those who either don't own motion capture files or their program doesn't have tools to easly load/edit motion capture onto their own characters.

currently i'm just using a default biped but i plan to use a 3d character
i'm currently building instead which should make it look more appealing
plus i'll color code eack limb segment to make the process more clear.

one thing i'm also looking into is placing renderable markers for feet
positions and joint hotspots.

also the frame numbers will be rendered out too on each movie in the next
text version.

feedback on this would be really helpful!....ie what you think of it and any
way to imporve it.


stee+cats :thumbsup: