View Full Version : maybe OT- some advices for a new system

11-14-2005, 05:28 AM
Hi all,
i'm going for new PCs for my small renderfarm.

This is the configuration i asked for:
- MB: Abit Fatal1ty AN8
- AMD Athlon 64 BIT 4200+ Dual-Core
- 2GB ram
- Nvidia GeForce 6600GT PCI-Express 256MB

It must be mostly a LW-station; i look for the best performance in a single
Some adviced to go Athlon, so i considered these only; dont know if things
have changed.
I dont take in account "top" range processors because of cost (so unless
Athlon 64bit 4800 gives me a huge boost, i prefer to stay on 4200 and save a
lot of money). Same for Videocard, but i'd like it to be proficient with LW
8.5+ OGL features. In sostitution of the videocard mentioned above, they
offer me a Nvidia GeForce 7800GT PCI-Express 256MB (or even GTX) but they
cost more than 250/300 ? more than the first. I heard they differs only for
gaming issues, so i'd like to hear something.
Beside these, if you feel there are other better components feel free to
Last, i'd like to be *sure* that i can install WIN XP HOME 32bit (no need
for advanced lan sapabilities) and run my 32 bit Lw with all its plugs; so
any issue about compatibility is mostly important.

Thanks a lot,