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11-11-2005, 08:32 AM
Scenes are becoming larger and heavier; tools like schematic are a real need by now.
We have a very early implementation, options are half in Display panel half in another independent plugin; please unificate them.
Lot of features to add here:

- Load from scene should keep that scene schematic listing and positions.
- Collapse function - often i've hundred of items which i dont need to control directly, so i'd like to collapse them in a unique position. The only way to do it by now is using Diver's Multiedit.
- Organization tools: horizontal/vertical line, matrix (where i can choose n places in the two directions), and others. All these should have sorting options: load, name, size, etc.
- Snapping tools: like XP's desktop, interactive snapping of items on a VISIBLE grid.
- Custom load mode: when i load several objs they're listed horizontally and often away from other. Please put an option to choose load location of first item and default organization mode.

If possible, it wouldbe nice if plugins could improve schematic at a depp level.

- Optimize selection (NOT SCHEMATIC ONLY): when i have 1-2 thousand objs loaded (simple ones like clip planes) LW crawls and selecting them is a pain. If i need to select several objs it can take minutes. i tried the same in MAX and it's a breeze.
It's not a 32-64 bit issue like some say, but just smart item handling.

Paolo Zambrini

11-11-2005, 10:29 AM
I'd like to add some functions to allow us lscripters to draw custom features in the schematic view :) Or create schematic views of our own..