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11-09-2005, 10:30 PM

I'm having a multi-part problem recently and I'm trying to track down possible resolutions.

Is there anything in the 8.5 upgrade that could corrupt opengl or direct x files, or device drivers? Or possibly even damage the display card itself? Maybe something in the new opengl procedural displays?

My graphics card is a Geforce ti4600, below the requirements for 8.5 I think. It doesn't support opengl 2.0. It has been working without using the new opengl 2.0 display features. I did twice experience a hard system lock up to a black screen while using Layout 8.5. It was in the same scene while doing about the same thing, simply moving the camera in to a closer position to a single model. The model has multi-layers of procedural textures, not set to be displayed. One camera, one model, one light from a year old scene file. I didn't try it a third time as I had to wait through disk checks on restart. This happened about a week after installing 8.5, and has since seemed to work normally.

Two other problems that began occuring right after that are my monitor sometimes doesn't get a signal from the display card requiring multiple restarts to get it to work, and also my World of Warcraft game now locks up the system to the same black screen. So you can see it's quite urgent, hehe.

Any error tests I've been able to do suggest that something may be wrong with direct x files or that device drivers need to be updated. Everything is up to date and reinstalled at least once.

With the amount of things that can go wrong, I thought I would start where I noticed a major problem and sort the possibilities out from there. Since my ti4600 isn't opengl 2 compliant, and other things are happening, I am shopping for a new display card. I like the Geforce 6600 256mb AGP8x, if anyone has an opinion to share on those. Also any info anyone has about possible file or driver corruption, please share it.

Best regards,
Bill C.

11-10-2005, 02:12 AM
Hi Capozzi, the black screen you mention points to your graphic card failing.
If it was me, the first thing I would do is remove the graphics card and take an ordinary household pencil rubber and rub at the gold cotacts, to make sure there nice and clean, then I would firmly replace the card. You might want to also try to reseat your ram while your at it. If you dont feel comfortable using the pencil rubber method (tried and tested) just make sure the card is pushed in the slot all the way.
It is common for g/cards and ram especially, to 'vibrate' themselves loose over time. And this is what you may be experiencing.
Failing this, i would then pop on over to http://www.theeldergeek.com/forum/ who specialise in this kind of thing. (hope its ok to suggest other forum links)

11-12-2005, 03:41 AM
The same crash has happened a few more times. Many times at start up, and with my WoW game, and also with Modeler during simple object spin and select operations, so I'm guessing my older Geforce ti4600 card isn't liking Directx 9c or opengl 2, or maybe is just ready for retirement. I opted to get a newer card. I will be trying a new Geforce 6800. Specs say it can handle all of the new options. I'm hoping for the best.
Hopefully this will be useful as reference for someone else with similar gear and/or questions.

Best regards,
Bill C.