View Full Version : Independent Game Developer Looking for Contractors

11-09-2005, 01:22 PM
Looking for experienced LW / Maya 3D artists (preferably a team) for remote contract work on an independently-developed online strategy game.

Contract involves:

- Modeling and UV Texture Mapping 30 low poly game characters (1500 poly count)
- Modeling and UV Texture Mapping 50 props (150-750 poly count)
- Modeling and UV Texture Mapping 10 vehicles (500-3500 poly count)
- Creating and applying UV textures (1024x1024) to a pre-created City Model
- Rigging and animating in-game animation sequences

We have a limited upfront art budget for the project, but will offer profit-sharing as well (up to a specified limit). We will supply concept art and written descriptions / instructions for all work.

We will require resume and samples (can be online portfolio, DVDs, etc.)

Interested parties may contact:

[email protected]