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05-07-2003, 10:43 PM
I'm trying to setup a car and have come across a problem. I am using align to path for both the front wheels and the main body. Align to path doesn't work on child objects and gives unusable rotation values. Because of this I have used a wpos expression to "parent" a null for the front wheels, then aligned this null to a path. I have given this null a child that sticks out in front of it and targeted a bone at the child null. I have then given the rotation values of the targeted bone to the bone controlling the front wheel via an orient contraint.
In this way I am able to turn the align to path on and off, something which is very important for maximum control.
When I go to do the same thing for the main body it works but it also messes up the front wheels.
It is important to be able to turn the both the front wheels and the main body on and off.
I have attatched a file with two examples.
"Car_setup01" it the setup before try to create the on/off for the main body and"Car_setup01_problem" is the result after creating the on/off control.
There is a wheel rotation plugin aswell but that has been taken out to save space.
The on off controls for the wheels and body(not created in "Car_setup01") is a favourite set in the graph editor.
The main control's xyz control the car, with the rotation only affecting the chassis, and the y scale providing the up down on the chassis(for suspension).

This problem has me completely stumped so I really appreicate anyone taking the time to help.
The example files should help make sense of my explanation, but if not I can clarify any points.
The rig works really well except for this one problem (the on/off is needed for the car to reverse and to stop).
Thanks again

PS:I hide everything that isn't need in the rigs so some stuff might have to be un-hiden.

05-08-2003, 02:44 AM
Hi spj,

try RB_Steering to build your car setup .... this is a great plugin
and Richard Brak is very helpful !!!